Here is a lovely collection of servers I like to use for chocolate tastings that I wanted share with you. Consider them tools for the chocolate sommelier. 


The brass spoon on the left was bought at West Elm and it came in a set. I just found it to be the perfect size for using in a chocolate tasting bar. If you go to the Experiences page and watch the video you'll see guests with the spoon in use.


The Antique Chocolate Tong is part of a collection that I was fortunate to procure. I have a few up for sale in the shop. I like to use them for picking up small bonbons and imagine who used them in the past.


The bonbon server was a fortunate find in an antique shop in Franklin, TN. I love the two metals and I wish I would have bought more!


The Silver Flower Spoon is from my friend Hilda who has the exact same one. You can see it often in her instagram posts @mychocolatediary when she is drinking chocolate. It is a precious gift from a friend who I hope to meet in person one day.


These Brass Tongs were bought in a garden store! They are supposed to be used for putting together terrariums but I use them for picking up pieces of chocolate.   







Lovingly hand-selected chocolate and accoutrements for those you adore.