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Sophia Contreras Rea is a chocolate sommelier and former chef to entertainers and celebrities.

Hailing from a few generations of noted restaurateurs, Rea is adept in many cuisines. But her greatest professional love over the years has been providing refined chocolate tastings, in the tradition of the Slow Food movement.  In 2012, Rea started Projet Chocolat, a company devoted to, in her words, “elevating the culture and enjoyment of chocolate.”With a line of elegantly-designed products, from aromatics kits to storage sleeves, Projet Chocolat helps celebrate the pleasures of tasting chocolate rather than just merely eating it. 

“Chocolate is more complex than we know,” Rea says. “And I'd like to help teach people how to slow down, understand where chocolate really comes from. I think there's joy in chocolate. And what could be better than to bring joy, happiness, something wonderful, something beautiful into people's lives? That's where I'm coming from with Projet Chocolat. That's my goal.”

  • Bill Demain, contributor to Mojo, Classic Rock and Entertainment Weekly.